Experience the adventure of a lifetime and see a Vegas sunrise like never before from a hot air balloon, complete with a Champagne toast & light refreshments.

Las Vegas Signature Champagne Sunrise Balloon Flight Highlights

  • Get up to $20 cash back per person when you book with us
  • All taxes included
  • 1 hr sunrise hot air balloon flight, with spectacular 360-degree views of the Pahrump valley & mountains as you climb as high as 2,500 feet
  • Champagne or sparkling cider toast & snacks to celebrate such an exhilarating experience
  • Commemorative flight certificate to take home, in addition to the incredible memories
  • Optional return hotel transfers from selected Las Vegas hotels for extra convenience

Where we Visit:

  • Pahrump Valley, in the heart of the desert


The evening prior to your flight, at 8pm, we will record a message to update the status of your flight. You can listen to this message by calling :

We encourage you to wear close toe shoes, and dress according to the temperature outside. Be warned, this activity includes DUST.


What to Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee amazing 360 views of NV only possible in a hot air balloon. Mountain ranges, desert landscapes and the occasional wildlife photo opportunity are just some of the breathtaking scenes you can expect. Best of all? NO two flights are EVER the same. All flight decisions are based on weather/safety and where we are able to give our passengers the longest and most memorable flights possible.

Absolutely, there is always plenty to photograph both prior to the flight, during and afterwards. You may bring a video camera also. We recommend that you have a suitable soft case, including carry strap, with you to stow and protect the camera during the landing. Bring extra memory cards and batteries. Panoramic cameras are nice for scenery.

Ballooning is an outdoor sports activity, so you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and the type of clothing that you would expect to wear for a walk in the countryside on the day you fly. For women, climbing into the gondola will be very awkward in a dress or skirt. It is strongly recommended that all shoes worn should have flat soles. Please do not wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes.

You will be in the air 45-60 minutes or longer depending on weather. Please allow approximately 6 hours from the time we meet until we return to the meeting location.

Our hot air balloons carry a maximum of 12 passengers plus the pilot. Our gondolas (baskets) have partitioned compartments for passenger comfort and safety.

Hot Air Balloon passenger flights take place in winds less than 6 knots, with no rain or approaching storms within 100 miles. Flights also require visibility of at least 3 miles and ceilings of at least 3000 feet.

No, the temperature in the air is the same or even warmer than it in the ground. The temperature only begins to drop when you begin to fly very high.

Vegas Balloons flies balloons 210,000 cubic ft to 310,000 cubic ft in size. They typically carry 8-12 passengers, making it easy to accommodate families and groups. The large baskets make for more space per person and our balloons have turning vents so the pilot can rotate the balloon during flight, giving everyone a 360-degree view.

Hot Air! A pair of high-powered propane burners ignites and heats liquid propane that is aimed into the balloon to make it rise. The burners create 30 million BTU's of heat. In comparison, an average home barbecue generates 30,000 BTU's. Each flight uses approximately 60 gallons of propane.

Though the altitude record for hot air ballooning is 90,000 feet, the height of passenger flights range anywhere from treetops up to 2,500 feet.

The balloon travels the same speed as the wind. An average flight is approximately 7 miles in distance.

As safety of the passengers, crew and equipment is of utmost priority, flights will sometimes have to be cancelled. Various factors can cause cancellation such as weather conditions, equipment malfunction or pilot injury or illness. Your safety is our concern and we will not fly if this is jeopardized. If your flight is cancelled you can simply reschedule for another flight.

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