Three True Crime Tours Bundle

Uncover the dark stories of Brisbane criminal past, shady dealings and characters from Fortitide Valley, and visit their final resting place, the South Brisbane Cemetery...
Brisbane, Australia

What's Included

  • Get up to $10 cash back per person when you book with us
  • Walking tour bundle - 3 true crime walking tours to discover the dark history of the infamous Fortitude Valley, Brisbane's most notorious criminals, and South Brisbane Cemetery
  • Services of an experienced guide, crime-writer Jack Sim, publisher of the Murder Trails Series BLOODY BRISBANE Volumes 1 & 2.
  • Departs from meeting point at Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane CBD

What to Expect

Discover the true crime stories of Brisbane's dark criminal past with this walking tour bundle, run by crime-writer Jack Sim. Consisting of three tours, Bloody Brisbane CBD tour, South Brisbane Cemetery Crime Tour and The Moonlight State Fortitude Valley Crime Tour, you are sure to get your fix of gruesome and the macabre.


The Bloody Brisbane CBD tour will take you through two centuries of Brisbane’s criminal history on a 1.5 hour guided tour and visit real true crime scenes. See quiet streets transform into places of terror as the locations of some of the most ghastly and cold-blooded murders and vicious crimes are revealed.


South Brisbane’s Cemetery is where many of the city’s infamous characters and tragic stories came to an end. Visit the graves of Australia’s last bushranger, a poisoned prison warder, cold-blooded criminals, and victims of crime in historic South Brisbane Cemetery on this 1.5 hours walking tour.


On the Moonlight State Fortitude Valley crime tour you will discover the seedy underbelly of Brisbane in the 1970s/80s. The tour will take you through infamous Fortitude Valley – where illegal casinos, strip-clubs and brothels were the norm.


Grab a torch and your best walking shoes and get ready to be amazed by the storytelling.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Still photography is allowed when guides are not talking. Please be mindful of your camera flash as to not shine it in other people’s faces.

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2022-05-08 17:02:201

Yes. All customers must be wearing flat, enclosed shoes. Shoes must be worn at all times.

02022-05-08 17:02:20
2022-05-08 17:02:201

No. Strictly no filming is allowed at any time during the tour.

02022-05-08 17:02:20
2022-05-08 17:02:201

Tours will still run in the rain. The weather really adds to the atmosphere of a tour. If the weather looks bad, bring some wet weather gear, and enjoy the tour.

Tours will only be cancelled if conditions become dangerous. Our Bookings Coordinator will contact you to notify you of cancellation and rescheduling your tour.

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No. There are no toilet facilities available on this tour. Guests are encouraged to use facilities elsewhere before joining us at the site.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants must be wearing flat-soled enclosed shoes. Thongs, sandals and high heels will not be permitted on tour.
  • Each participant is required to bring their own torch. Torch apps on smart phones are suitable. Torches must be turned on when directed to move, however they can be turned off when stopped for atmosphere. Anyone found to be deliberately flashing torches into another's face will be immediately removed from the tour.
  • Tours will only be cancelled if conditions become dangerous - The Operator will notify you close to the tour time.
  • This tour is fully accessible for customers with mobility issues.
  • This tour features strong content in the form of true historic crime stories and tales delivered in a dramatic style, not suitable for young children.
  • The consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances are not permitted BEFORE or DURING a tour, any client believed to be intoxicated, inebriated, or otherwise under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will not be admitted at time of check-in.
  • Smoking/ vaping is not permitted at any time during our tours. If anyone forgets this, and starts smoking, they will be asked to immediately cease. If they do not, they will be asked to leave the tour.
  • Mobile and tablet devices are only to be used on tour whilst taking photographs or in an emergency and video cameras and recording devices of any sort are NOT permitted.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason.
  • Clients engaging in inappropriate behaviour will be removed and not be entitled to a refund.
  • All children/ teens under and including the age of 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • The Operator reserves the right to change a tour itinerary and/or Tour Guide(s) without notice.
  • The Operator accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  • The operator reserves the right to cancel a tour without notice.
  • Your first tour will be the Bloody Brisbane CBD Crime Tour. Tour 2 & 3 can be done in any order within the allocated three month bundle validity.

Cancellation Policy:

If a tour booking is cancelled by a client, or if any member of the tour group cancels, the following policies apply:
o Cancellation 0-4 business days prior to tour date - Non-refundable & non-transferable.
o Cancellation 5-10 business days prior to tour date - Non-refundable. Transfers to an alternative date of the same tour is available. Once a booking has been transferred, the booking will not be able to be transferred again, and is not eligible for a refund.
o Cancellation 11 or more business days prior to tour date - 75% Refundable (excluding credit card surcharge).
o QLD Government Lockdown Cancellations - Transfers to an alternative date of the same tour is available. Once a booking has been transferred, the booking will not be able to be transferred again, and is not eligible for a refund.

o Historic Australia must be advised of cancellation in writing by the person who booked the tour.
o Failure to attend the actual tour for any reason is deemed to be a cancellation. Refunds will not apply.
o PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 is no longer an unforeseen circumstance and regular cancellation fees apply.
o All cancellations and transfer requests for bookings must adhere to our business hours and be notified by written communication via email to

If a tour is cancelled by Historic Australia, the following policies apply:
o Historic Australia reserves the right to cancel a tour without notice.
o Historic Australia tours are rarely cancelled and would only be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. These include, but are not limited to - sick staff member, staff unavailability, injury or unexpected dangerous weather conditions, an emergency/dangerous situation.
o Cancellation prior to the tours commencement or before 2/3 of the tour is complete due to unforeseen circumstances* (see above) - tour will be rescheduled & clients will be transferred to another tour of the same value as soon as possible.
o Historic Australia will contact clients promptly to make arrangements.

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