5 Day Jungle Adventure and Amazon Tour - Iquitos, Peru

Go on a wild adventure into the Amazon and get an up-close look at the wildlife that calls it home
Iquitos, Peru
5 Days 4 Nights
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
English / Spanish
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  • Delicious food package including meals
  • All equipment: Rubber Boots, Fishing Poles, First Aid, Etc.
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  • All entrance fees
  • Fully guided jungle tours and excursions 
  • Private accommodation with bedding and a shower
What to Expect

From catching caimen to spending a night rainforest camping at Mirador Palo Alto, the three-storey observation tower with a birdseye view of the Amazon, this 5 Day and 4 Night rainforest tour of the Amazon should be on everyone's bucket list.


Departing from and returing to Iquitos, tour guides will take you on a wild adventure into the Amazon jungle.


Including some of the most popular activities to enjoy in the region, such as a bird watching excursion, piranha fishing, rainforest hiking and a visit with native Amazonian tribes, guests can also enjoy canoe rides, a viewing of pink river dolphins and much more!


With each bungalow at Maniti Eco-Lodge designed for maximum comfort, amenities include a shaded terrace, private bathroom with flushing toilet and shower, plus much-needed mosquito netting for each bed (although you will be surprised at what little need you will have for this item due to the lack of insects).


Both safe and very relaxing, this is a unique adventure that many will enjoy.


Where we visit:

Day 1 - Port town of Nanay

Embark on a 9am departure from Iquitos City via auto to arrive in the port town of Nanay (Bellavista), where the Rio Nanay meets the Rio Amazonas. After departing by boat you will travel downriver 70km (about 2 hours) to Monkey Island. During the riverboat trip, you will have a great possibility of seeing caimans, turtles, herons, pink river dolphins, snakes, and many other species of flora/fauna along the riverbank.


A small island about 15 minutes from the Maniti Lodge which shelters a large number of monkeys in their natural habitat, Monkey Island is home to multiple species of monkey, including the masked riti monkey, cebidae monkey, wooly monkey, squirrel monkey, spider monkey, South American Coati monkey, and  more!


Along with the various species of monkeys, you will have to opportunity to hold very large anacondas and boas and interact with the very unique and rare Amazonian mata-mata turtle. At Monkey Island you will also see alligators, turtles, toucans, macaws, parrots and more native wildlife.

Enjoy a dolphin watching session at the camp where we will have the unique opportunity to see the pink freshwater dolphin. You may also have the chance to swim with the dolphins on the main Amazon River. In the evening, you will go on a nocturnal nature hike to see what types of species can be seen (lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys), before getting some much-need sleep overnight at Maniti Eco-Lodge.


Day 2 - Amazon River

We will begin Day 2 early, waking up in time to see the sunrise over the Amazon River, and then you will leave the camp to go on an animal observation excursion (via boat) where you will have the opportunity to see various types of flora and fauna. A fun-filled afternoon fishing excursion via boat with the opportunity to catch piranha, catfish and other species of fish, before a viewing of Victoria Regia – the largest freshwater aquatic plant in the world.

After sunset, the tour will go on an excursion via canoe to spot and catch caiman, where you will have the opportunity to hold, touch, and take photos with the caiman before heading back to Maniti Eco-Lodge.


Day 3 - Maniti Lodge

Learn and observe the local people’s daily life and customs with this morning visit to a local community. In the afternoon, the tour will visit lagoons and tributaries in close proximity to the Maniti Lodge. Here, you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as jungle hiking, canoe rides, fishing, plant education, animal observation or even just relaxing with a cool swim in one of the lagoons or in the Amazon River.


Embark on an animal observation excursion (via boat) where you will have the opportunity to see pairs various types of flora and fauna.


In the evening, enjoy a nocturnal nature hike to see what types of species can be seen (lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys) before spending overnight at the Maniti Eco-Lodge.


Day 4 - Palo Alto

Embark on a morning jungle hike (30-45 minutes) to destination “Palo Alto”. The unique attraction “Palo Alto Mirador” is a lookout point that has three different observation deck levels. Here guests have a birds-eye view of the lowland Peruvian Amazon, from 5, 10, and 15m above the ground. Here you will have the opportunity to spend the night with excellent opportunities to observe various species of wildlife in their natural habitat.


Daytime exploration of the area that includes hiking, a canoe ride in lagoon or fishing. In the evening, you will go on a nighttime nature walk to see what types of species can be seen (reptiles, spiders, monkeys). Overnight will be spent at the top observation deck of Palo Alto (either in a tent or in hammocks).



Day 5

Early an early morning jungle hike where we will have the unique opportunity to see a number of monkeys, birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

You will also see and learn about various types of Amazonian plants before a visit with a local native Indian tribe to learn and observe the history and their customs. Arrive back at Iquitos City for 5pm. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

We require a 50% deposit to hold your reservation that can be made with any major credit card, when we receive your payment we will send you a payment confirmation via email. The remaining balance will be due at the time of (or before) your arrival to Iquitos.

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We operate amazon tours from Iquitos every single day with no fixed departure dates – accommodating your schedule, not ours!

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Our Iquitos jungle tours begin at 9:00am on the first day and end at 5:00pm on the last day. Arriving late or departing early? No problem! We will accommodate your travel schedule and ensure that no activities are missed.

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We can accommodate vegetarians, vegans upon request with no additional charge.

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We accommodate groups as well as solo travelers. Small groups & solo travelers share excursions but accommodations are always private and group sizes are never more than 6 people.

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Our Iquitos amazon tours & Pacaya Samiria camping tours are safe for travelers of all ages and experience level. We are licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience with guides that are fluent in English & Spanish.

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Yes, contact us here and one of our agents will be in touch soon.

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