Knife Making in Traditional Vietnamese Blacksmith Village

Learn the ancient skill of knife making and forge your own knife in a traditional Vietnamese blacksmith village
Hanoi, Vietnam
What's Included

  • A knife making workshop
  • A translator
  • A friendly and knowledgeable teacher


What to Expect

Learn the ancient art of knife making in the picturesque Kien Hung Commune in Ha Dong Town. Explore this well-known village, Da Sy, which has earned prestige in Vietnam for its contribution to this amazing form of craftsmanship.


Find out about the history of the forging profession in Hanoi, and go back several hundred years as you learn ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of artisans. Study with a famous blacksmith who comes from a long line of illustrious craftsmen, and learn how this area was culturally and historically significant during the Vietnam War.


Watch demonstrations of forging and then make your own knife as a souvenir of your time in delightful Da Sy Village.




You will meet with a translator as well as local knife-maker Hoang Sinh, who is a third generation blacksmith in Da Sy Village. Here you will learn all about the history of the blacksmith profession in Hanoi, which is not just limited to the production of knives, but also included other objects over the years such as ploughs, rakes, and machinery used in agriculture. This area was significant for its weapons production during the Vietnam War, and you will learn some of this history as you take in the traditional workshop here.


You will see blacksmiths in action and watch how traditional forging techniques are used to make knives, including how to keep a fire going, beating melted iron into shapes, tempering metal using water, and then sharpening the implement for an optimal finish.


After this demonstration, you will be given the chance to get hands on and make your own knife as a souvenir of your trip to this part of Hanoi. This includes getting involved with every step of the process under the watchful guidance of your teacher, and taking part in the ancient art of knife-making firsthand. The process can be quite tiring, but you will be supported all the way through in order to achieve the best results.


Mr Sinh’s knives are known for having a secret liquid applied to them at the end of the knife-making process, to make them even more effective and durable, so if you are lucky he may just let you in on the secret before the end of the class!


If you really want to get back to basics and try your hand at an ancient form of craftsmanship then this is definitely the class for you. You will also leave with a unique and customised souvenir of your time in Hanoi in the form of your own personal Vietnamese knife.


Meeting Point

Da Sy Village


What to Bring

It is recommended that you bring water as it can get hot during the day in the workshop




The lesson lasts for 3 hours and can be booked at 8 am, 2 pm or 3 pm

Terms & Conditions:

No cancellations and no refunds


2 Adults:
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