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Great Barrier Reef - Things to do

The size and number of living creatures in the Great Barrier Reef are simply mind-blowing. It is the most extensive reef system in the world, has almost 3000 individual reefs, and is home to 10 per cent of all fish species in the world. Grab your goggles and discover this legendary underwater world yourself!


There are numerous ways to explore this Wonder of the World in the tropical part of Australia. The most engaging way is via a snorkelling or dive excursion, but you can also opt for scenic flights or a leisure sailing cruise. The possibilities are nearly endless!


A fantastic way to get an introduction to this vast reef system is through a Great Barrier Reef snorkelling day tour which brings you to two enchanting locations within the reef. Explore the colourful coral gardens and meet all the beautiful inhabitants of the world’s largest reef!


Combine diving, snorkelling, and sailing under the tropical sun during the Passion of Paradise tour through the Great Barrier Reef. Onboard, the staff provides information on the reef and its inhabitants as well. This is one of the most relaxing, fun and interesting ways to discover the Great Barrier Reef.


Experience the spectacular Great Barrier Reef on this unmissable overnight adventure from Airlie Beach on a 2 Days 1 Night Reefsleep tour and venture through the magical world this massive reef offers. Sleep under the stars, enjoy the submerged views from the underwater viewing portal and enjoy a reef dive, the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef will open up to you.


To get a real sense of the scale and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, a scenic flight over Heart Reef is the ultimate way. You’ll glide over some of the best aquatic scenery of the reef system, an experience you won’t forget in a lifetime!


Great Barrier Reef can easily be combined with the marvellous Whitsunday Islands, for example via a sailing tour!